Waldviertel narrow gauge line 3

This third part of my line documentation regarding the "Waldviertler Schmalspurbahn" is based on winter images. It completes part 1 and part 2 dealing with summer and autumn impressions.

During Advent season several turns between Gmuend and Fassldorf are scheduled. On 2005, December 4th already a snow pack was existing. Therefore I could produce this additional compilation. Scroll down for more information!

Again we will see loco 699.103 hauling the small train through the winter environment. Class 699 originally belonged to a German military transportation system which was in use during WW2.

Basically class 699 was built with hauled tender carriages. Even today such original constructions are existing still. Also here at the wood quarter loco 699.02 with separate tender was in operation for several years. For geographical orientation click on the map symbol left!

699.03 was reconstructed to a version with directly attached tender compartment. When doing that, the loco number was changed into 699.103. During this reconstruction also the water reservoirs were extended until the front door.

Today the engine is owned by the company OeGEG, they are owner and operator of many historical vehicles. Due to the complete refurbishment maintenance which was executed in 2000 at a Romanian locomotive facility, the technical status of the small steamer is fine today.

People told, that this engine will remain at Gmuend until the regular engine 399.03 will be back from general maintenance. This will probably be in spring 2006. Nevertheless I find, that 699's flat cabin roof makes her looking like toy in front of trains.

  Steam operation was scheduled for the 2nd Advent Sunday 2005. This day the ride shall go from Gmuend to Fassldorf. Close after 1:00 pm the engine starts moving in direction to the coal supply location (12/2005).  

As usual, the procedure works via the conveyor-belt from a coal wagon placed on an adjacent track. At the right side a turn out signal is visible, the signal head is mounted on top of an extended bar. This is necessary in order to make the signal visible even under snow pack conditions. Later the loco will also get the water tanks filled up (12/2005).

Click on preview images for enlarged presentation!

  Close behind the Gmuend station area the tracks to the south and to the north branch divide. Here we see this location. From this position the flat cabin roof of 699.103 is visible easily, class 399 optically fits better with the carriages (12/2005). (top of page)  
  The first part of the line is built in parallel to the highway. It's not a problem to get a shot like this, here. The position is close to Dietmanns village (10/2005).  
  A similar shot you already know from part 1. In the background the small village Eichberg is located, the sky colour is a wintery grey (12/2005).  
  No mirror images today, the water in the foreground is frozen up. But this image has its charm too, the train composition a little bit looks like a silhouette (12/2005). (top of page)  
  Also a similar image like this is already known from part 1. The train in a few moments will enter the course extending bend, which was installed here in order to easier take the vertical meters up to Weitra station (12/2005).  
  Maximum inclination here is about 22‰. From the power side the 699.103 easily hauls the well manned train up this slope (12/2005).  
  The road to St. Wolfgang is crossed here after leaving the Weitra city limits. This location makes possible shots with train and castle combined together (12/2005). (top of page)  
  The map once again presents the course of the described line. At the beginning the 43 kilometres long line roughly follows the Lainsitz creek. Later the so called "Small Semmering" is taken. This tour ends at Fassldorf which is located somewhere in the middle of the Small Semmering ramp at a distance of 26 km.  
  Between the St. Martin station and Steinbach Grosspertholz the line follows the old local highway and the Lainsitz creek. The new valley highway was built on the opposite valley slope (10/2005).  
  Close before approaching the Steinbach Grosspertholz station a wooden bridge is installed, it's crossing the Lainsitz creek. At 3:40 pm I did this shot of the arriving special train from this bridge (12/2005). (top of page)  
  The Fassldorf station has been approached. Even here a water crane is existing, steamers may easily fill up their water resources. The Fassldorf is an inn, it is located behind the trees visible at the left image border. Fine hospitality for young and old makes this location attractive not just during Advent season (12/2005).  
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