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During serveral years of travelling I took and collected a lot of photo galleries which deal with scenic nature motive photography. A selection of that collection I prepared here for the public Internet. I hope you will have a part of that pleasure I had, when taking the pictures. Every of the following symbol photographs stands for a complete gallery of images dealing with the concerning title. Simply click on the symbol photo of your choice to open the full gallery. You will also have the choice to select large image presentation. In case of questions or other needs for conversation, don't hesitate contacting me by email.
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  This is the gallery Yellowstone 1 dealing with panoramas from this oldest National Park of the USA. Mainly photographs of thermal features.
(11 images)
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  This is the gallery Yellowstone 2 dealing with more panoramas from this National Park. Also with other than thermal objects. (12 images)
Sequoia tree
  Sequoia National Park, Yosemite and more. This gallery is under preparation.
USA Pazific coast
  Symbol photo for more planned galleries.
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