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Stamp: Engerth Steam Locomotive

Stamp: Carl Ritter von Ghega

In 2004 the Ghega Semmering mountain railroad proudly celebrated its 150 years anniversary.

Between May and October several events with regard to 150 years Semmering railroad took place. Below the overview, other railway presentations on ebepe you may select here.

The left stamp shows one of the first operational steam locomotives starting working on the Semmering ramps in 1854. It's called "Kapellen" and the constructor was William Engerth. On the right stamp we see the constructor of the Semmering line - Carl Ritter von Ghega - it was issued
in 1952 with regard to his 150th birthday.

To enter a certain report, click on the preview images below. There are stories regarding 5 special events. Have a lot of fun now!

Click to select   On May 16th, 2004 the 150 years celebrations were opened. Along the whole line a lot of events took place. Two special trains were in operation, one historical headed by a steam locomotive and another one consisting of the most actual OeBB rolling stock (23 images).
Click to select   On June 19th, 2004 a locomotive presentation took place at the area of the Muerzzuschlag roundhouse. Exposed was a selection of actual locomotive stock (9 images).
Click to select   On June 20th, 2004 three special trains were in operation going to Muerzzuschlag. Two of them climbed the Semmering north ramp, one approached from the city of Graz. The north ramp trains were headed by the engines 109.13 and 629.01. Both of them original veterans of former Semmering train operation
(22 images). (top of page)
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On August 22nd, 2004 the next special train was in operation. A historic composition headed by 52.4984 transported people from Vienna to a special event at the Semmering city where historical scenarios from the line construction period were presented (8+5 images).

Attached: examples of original Ghega construction drawings!

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On October 10th, 2004 the last special event remembering 150 years Semmering line took place. In total four steam operated trains with together 7 steam locomotives were the highlights of this event (28 images).

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