Semmering Anniversary

The photo gallery below was produced on June 19th, 2004. This day a selection of Austrian Federal Railways (OeBB) locomotives were presented to the public.

All vehicles could be studied without any hurry and there was opportunity to visit the control cabins and to have small talk with engine drivers and specialists.

I used this occasion to produce the image gallery below which gives a brief overview over certain actual (2004) locomotive stock.

From actual engine classes they presented the Taurus 1116.200 "Semmering", a Hercules class 2016 and a Hector class 2070. From the middle age generation were exposed a class 1044 and a class 1042/1142 and from the shunting engines a class 2067 and a class 2068.

Between 1854 and ~1965 on this area several additional buildings for locomotive maintenance were existing. Also the round house which is still operational and visible on some images, was a bit larger in former times (~160°).

One of the former workshop buildings is today home of a museum called "Kulturbahnhof". It was founded and opened mid of 2004 and presents a lot of material remembering the early days of railroad operation on the Semmering ramps.

  This day is June 19th, 2004. At the entrance of the locomotive show also historical stuff is exposed. This is an old city bus of the Viennese commuter company (6/2004).
  At the area where the locomotives are placed, in former times additional maintenance buildings were existing. In the background one corner of the round house is visible. In the front right, a petrol operated engine class 2016 is placed. The petrol engine drives a generator which via steering circuits controls the driving wheel engines (6/2004).
  Class 1044 in the front and class 1042/1142 engines behind represented over many years the backbone of Austrian railroad transportation. 1142 is an evolution stage of 1042 since tandem control and other equipment was built in. When all 350 units of Taurus engines will be delivered, a lot of class 1042 engines will probably be scrapped step by step (6/2004). (top of page)

Now the view to the west. In the background mid the station building of Muerzzuschlag and in the background right a workshop building is visible which actually is home of the Kulturbahnhof museum. In the foreground the 1116.200 Semmering locomotive is placed. The special design is result of a children's painting competition. Right a 2067 (6/2004).


Enlarged reproductions of artworks, worked out by two young girls between 9 and 10 years and placed on both sides are the highlights of this anniversary locomotive. The painting competition was organized by the modelling company Roco (6/2004).

  At the left the electricity driven engines are placed and at the right the petrol engine driven ones are visible. From front to back we see 2068, 2070 Hector and 2016 Hercules (6/2004).
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  We are keen to see how long the 200 will run, presenting this special design. As visible not just young people do like this outfit … (6/2004).
  Suddenly I recognize this special train approaching. It's the train "Zauberberge" which is scheduled all 2004 long on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. This day it is headed by 1042.23, a locomotive which is still equipped with corner windows, an attribute which was regular during many decades in the past (6/2004).

After moving the 1042.23 engine to the opposite train's head the composition is waiting for departure again. In the back a modern inter city train is passing (6/2004). (top of page)

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