Steam Loco Festival

Between June 7th and 9th, 2003 an impressive steam locomotive festival took place at the Austrian railroad hub Selzthal in Styria.

The event was organized by the Austrian Federal Railways (OeBB) and an organisation dealing with preservation of historic railroad vehicles (OeGEG).

Selzthal roundhouse is treated as protected memorial and visitors had much good opportunity to observe all ongoing activities.

Additionally some historic-like traffic based on several special trains was organized at the close environment.
My event report has two parts: This second part takes special focus on the special train traffic which was organized as program amendment.

Part one is dealing with the eye catching steam locomotive parades and everything which happened around the roundhouse and at the turntable.

At the end of this page, I have attached some shots of former visits in Selzthal. This railroad hub is worth a visit even if no festival is going on because adjacently to the turntable and at the surrounding area several historical locomotives are presented permanently.

The local management contributes in preservation of existing Austrian historical electric energy driven railroad substance for later generations.

Because the roundhouse and the turntable are in daily regular operation still, this location is interesting for rail fans at any time.

Have a lot of fun now! Click on the images for enlargement!

  On June 7th in the morning a specific photo freight train was sent from Selzthal to Hieflau. Both locomotives are from the stock of OeGEG. Class 52.4984 was main loco and class 86.501 was clutched as second head.
  Here a highway bridge crosses the Enns river and the railroad tracks. From the high position I could take this shot despite totally shadowy scenery. I just needed to switch my digital EOS to 400 ASA in order to prevent blur on movement.
  In Hieflau the train stopped at the beginning of the mountain ramp towards the Erzberg. It is about 9:00 a.m. and the local fire brigade assists in filling up the water containment. Regarding schedule, the train will depart at 10:08 a.m. again and return to Selzthal. (top of page)
  Steam activity mainly happened close to the roundhouse at the turntable. But in the surrounding several modern and old electric locomotives were exhibited too. This one is class 1040.01 restored close to the original look. Regular service of this type started in 1950.
  In the background where steam is visible, the roundhouse is located. Obviously more than one steamer is ejecting. In the foreground old an modern locomotives are visible. Left an Austrian class 1245, then a Hungarian - and a Austrian Taurus, right a green Austrian class 1245, then 1080, 1040, 2016 and 2070.
  Close to the turntable a platform car was positioned. Its roof was frequently used by photographers. On June 8th in the early morning I took this one. The red Taurus 1116 presents the actual Austrian OeBB design. The blue-yellow Taurus behind is signed as Hungarian MAV class 1047. In the back 2x green Austrian class 1020. (top of page)
  Close to the station called Kummerbuecke, this train headed by a class 1020 tandem crosses the bridge over the Enns river at about 9:20 a.m. The Austrian class 1020 is based on the German BR 194. The 1020.042 complies to the latest regular version except the green color. During final years they had some red painting like most other Austrian locomotives.
  Between Selzthal and Admont this further special train was scheduled on Sunday 8th. The composition consists of the green Austrian class 1080.01 and three two axle carriages. This loco is maintained in Selzthal and kept operational for museum events like this.
  Now the same train on its way back to Selzthal. In fine early summer weather the train drives along the Enns valley. The Austrian class 1080 originally was constructed for freight train hauling. But because of the poor vmax of just 50 kmh, they were displaced for shunting an similar jobs soon. (top of page)
  This is the train with the class 1020 tandem on its way back to Selzthal. This two boogie 12 wheeler class 1020 has 3200 kW power. After WW2 they belonged to the strongest engines of the whole OeBB stock and were important machines for ramp operation.
  This one is made from the platform of the new Selzthal signal box building. Visible is the eastern station head of Selzthal. In the foreground the through going tracks are visible, in the left several freight train preparation tracks are located.
  Of course an event like the steam locomotive festival is a good chance for professional video productions. Teams were present all the time at earth level and when special trains were on tour also in the air. The heli had an outdoor mounted video camera operated from the cockpit. (top of page)
  Guests partly were transported to good photo locations by special trains. This "Blauer Blitz" called train class 5145 transferred interested people to a position, where the two parallel steam trains shown on the next image could be taken best.
  Left a train headed by class 86.501 and right the class 01.533 with its composition. Both locos are owned by OeGEG today and of course are subjects of rental. The line looks like a two track line, but in reality two single lines are going in parallel for some kilometres. Then they divide, one to Linz crossing the Phyrn pass, the other in direction Hieflau.
  The following shots are from Selzthal but not taken during the festival. This one shows the roundhouse under normal operation. It was taken in May 2003. Around the turntable several old-timer locomotives are visible. Some of them are already out of order and presented like museum (05/2003). (top of page)
  The roundhouse today is home as well for actual as also for older engines. Most of the slots are fully equipped with electric catenary. Just the 2 most at the right of the 15 are without electric supply (05/2003).
  From front to rear we see: 2x red class 1040, one green class 1080, a freight wagon, a red class 1141 and a red class 1041. During steam locomotive festival, these engines were placed somewhere else at the Selzthal area (05/2003).
  Now regular operation. Class 1142.668 is entering the turntable. After turning the engine will proceed to the selected roundhouse slot. In the back visible is the red class 1041.222. It is not in regular operation any more. The platform area of Selzthal is located some 100 meters in the background right (05/2003). (top of page)
  Left a class 1245, in the middle a class 2043 and at the right a class 1040. Both green engines belong to the old-timer stock of Selzthal, but are obviously matter of perfect maintenance. Just the petrol operated 2043 is regular (05/2003).
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