Sanction management

A few words about Austrian skills in managing the „Sanctions“ started by the European Community in year 2000 as a consequence to the result of the democratic elections in Austria some months before. The Sanction period was from spring 2000 until September 2000. The following article was written while the sanctions were active.

As start up some brief introduction:

What the so called “Sanctions” really are, many people don’t know exactly. It seems, that the bilateral relationship between Austria and each other of the 14 EC states is affected. Probably there are as well matters of Austrian importance but also matters of EC 14 importance affected. Both groups seem to be handicapped by the sanctions. Which means that some or all of the EC 14 cannot proceed towards Austria like desired.

Okay, why not let them keep their own problems? Nobody is aware about dramatic cases due to the sanctions till now. So why not let them as they are?

It’s really embarrassing and painful to watch Austrian politicians strategy, ever and ever again trying to go only one, the direct and straight way against the obstacles. Like young children which got a punishment and defiantly don’t want to accept…

Obviously nobody is able to step back one step and starts analyzing the situation. What could Austria do, that Sanctions get more and more embarrassing for the EC 14 themselves? Then Austria only need to wait and look what will happen. Maybe it’s a delightful amusement to watch how within the EC everything is okay but in bilateral relations one ignores each other…

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The actual decision about screening Austria by three wisdoms is a new and dubious step which painfully hurts Austrian souls. This are steps of domination and humiliation! An instrument with totally not agreed obligations shall check if Austria is “worthy” enough, that EC 14 re-starts bilateral relationship again? What are the rights and obligations of the wisdom, what exactly is their scope…

What, if the wisdom recognize that during some recent years nothing changed in Austria? And that’s rather probable because since a long time Austria is a democracy with EC compliant constitution and laws (otherwise EC membership would not be possible). Before and after the latest democratic elections legal governments were elected by the people. The parliament’s delegates are members of political parties before and after. All political parties are neither criminal nor prohibited. The parliament acts considering the released constitution. Majorities are results of democratic elections, etc. Means, what shall be detected by the wisdom?

Of course, maybe the Austrian behavior. Is there no public speech without the repeating statements that for sure everybody detests racial hatred and hostility towards foreigners. Are such statements also on TV and on other media frequently enough recognizable? Are there repeating polls in order to check the opinion of foreigners? Are there enough relief activities to support poor foreigners and do Austrians spend enough money? Of course the wisdom should not forget to look for hidden dungeons. Maybe some poor foreigners are tortured there daily…

The wisdom screening will detect very interesting matters, one may assume. The question is what worth are these matters, what is the interpretation? Who may be the final interpreter and which results may be fixed reliably?

Another matter is the referendum. What should be the questions? Everything which will empower Austrian politicians to fight against the sanctions, will result in new unimaginative trials to go the well known but impossible straight way but then using brute force…

What could be the result?

Turning the spear by 180° seems to be the only useful alternative. Why not try to set some smooth provocations using the diplomatic relations. Provocations which should make aware, that sanctions are not helpful but rather frictioning for every party. The sanctions shall get painful for the EC 14!

Cutting of bilateral relations is a process, that only gets introduced, facing really dramatic circumstances. Even really “bad” governments under war conditions are usually not automatically punished by cutting bilateral relations. (Austria “only” has “Sanctions”)

If there is anything truth with this stubborn rumor, an Austrian group was involved or even the driving force in starting up the sanctions, this group really caused a lot of embarrassing damage to the Austrian image and more…

Responsible persons shall have a really relaxing bedtime…

Austrian sanction managers R1-20000702

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