Being a Minister

Why guys like to be politicians? Reason number one, someone feels appointed and he starts even as a young man to shape his political career. This means membership at a political party and corresponding party activity. Eloquence and the use of elbows are necessary to proceed. In case of elections mentioned attributes need to be improved. Later when being delegate, additional shape of popular skills is necessary.

Another model is the cross career. If someone made himself heard e. g. in the economy or industry, he also gets interesting for political parties in terms of being an expert.

Repeating in a four years cycle elections take place. As follow up also ministers need to be nominated. There is need for suitable persons.

The question is, who is suitable to get minister? There are several attributes which a minister should have: e. g. service attitude, obstetrician attitude (things are not done for himself, but for the public), analysis skills, a mental model of creativity and vision, courage to leave well known tracks, team orientation (concepts are made together with other ministries), project management skills (planning, budgeting, doing, controlling, improving,…), motivation and leadership skills (the large group of civil servants needs to be convinced about all strategies and goals), and last but not least a likeable and smart outfit is necessary to achieve a competent and confident public image. Probably lots of additional requirements for ministers would arise if one would proceed thinking about…

The two before mentioned groups of persons are the tank for candidate selection. Either the grown up politicians or the cross group. Which group is in the better position to bring out ministers?

First of all the cross group seems to have the better chances. Probably they will have better analysis and project management skills. Nobody knows anything about their service attitude, the mental model of creativity and vision, etc. Their problem often is even to speak a technologic language which grown up politicians do not really understand. Many cross ministers failed because of that reasons.

The second group, the grown up politicians usually miss competence in analysis skills, project management and service attitude. An awkward situation…

Thought to an end that really means, that the most important states responsibilities are managed by persons with no suitable education for that challenge…

Successful activity of ministers seems to be rather result of coincidence than because of well trained skills. What’s the obstacle to propose even for that scope job-oriented training and education. Of course not everybody leaving such training will get minister, but mentioned training also would empower for other qualified jobs.

To classify all actually acting ministers referring to above mentioned attributes may be a delightful lesson… tends to install an online classification system for politicians in future.

Why being a minister is that tough? R1-20000715

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