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astronomie German astronomy page covering a comprehensive overview

nebula Dayly a new astronomical image

Star View With Star View the sky of stars will come to your computer

sun 304 Å The daily solar weather overview green sun ... sun spots sun 174 Å

Hubble THe Hubble teleskop produces images of superior quality Spiralnebel

mw Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing - Blue River Canada

Dr. Web The Dr. Web Site with a lot of webmaster stuff (German)

MSIE Click here and get the new MS Internet Explorer

Bikes Klein Bikes a site for people (planning) crossing the Alps on the bike

Pfadfinder Österreichs Pfadfinder - a link to the Austrian scout organization (German)

Gruppe Baden On Trail - the web site of the scout group from Baden (Austria)

Webbuchhandlung Amazon - the well known web shop for books, CDs, etc.

Nassfeld Skiarena Carinthia - my favorite under the Austrian ski regions

Urlaub bei Freunden Enzianbrenner - not just because of their first class bacon snacks (German)

Funchestra Funchestra - "Eure Ohren werden Augen machen ..." (German)

L. R. Bachblütenberatung - Bach essences consulting (German)

SAT SAT Automation - the automation specialist

Further link pages under preparation ...


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