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German astronomy page covering a comprehensive overview

Dayly a new astronomical image

With Star View the sky of stars will come to your computer

The daily solar weather overview

THe Hubble teleskop produces images of superior quality

Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing - Blue River Canada

The Dr. Web Site with a lot of webmaster stuff (German)

Click here and get the new MS Internet Explorer

Klein Bikes a site for people (planning) crossing the Alps on the bike

Pfadfinder - a link to the Austrian scout organization (German)

On Trail - the web site of the scout group from Baden (Austria)

Amazon - the well known web shop for books, CDs, etc.

Skiarena Carinthia - my favorite under the Austrian ski regions

Enzianbrenner - not just because of their first class bacon snacks (German)

Funchestra - "Eure Ohren werden Augen machen ..." (German)

Bachblütenberatung - Bach essences consulting (German)

SAT Automation - the automation specialist

Further link pages under preparation ...


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