Lazy Teachers? Story 1

The left article is taken from the magazine "Nyus" (excerpt). The style of writing rather forces confrontation and escalation than to give information for the readers.

The right article (ebepe version) tries to combine provokation and information in order to let the reader decide about circumstances. It don't just want to create an artificial conflict.

The Nyus initiated quarrels about coalition status escalate

The first noise producing scenes between Austrian coalition partners recently started. Mrs. Minister (ministry of education) accused Mrs. vice chancellor for missing expertise. As reaction Mrs. vice chancellor reproached Mrs. Minister for missing culture in discussion. This is the end of “cuddle style” government. Using some show effect, Mrs. vice chancellor presented her saving concept. Instead of one million it foresees four and more Billions of saving, focussing the school organizations.

Will “Lazy Teacher” discussion escalate coalition quarrels?

Looking for useful ways to minimize budgetary unbalances, specialists across all political parties are searching for ideas to financially sound the gaps in the states budget, escalated during so many years. In detail civil servants world always seems to be a rich area for such activity, actually in discussion the teachers world. During last months from the side of the Mrs. Minister (ministry of education) only silence was to perceive, despite she is responsible for savings. Because Mrs. vice chancellor is responsible

Since then public dispute with unknown end between both ladies take place. Teachers unionists, in former times even compared with parasites (HJ), are ready to start attacks in case of Mrs. vice chancellor’s success. Their position is close to the government party.

Mrs. vice chancellor’s concept has a focus of about four Billion of savings until 2003. As first step the calculation of over hours in future shall have as base the gross salary without bonus. Furthermore the value of one over hour of today 7,5% shall be reduced to 6,34% of gross income. The introduction of one additional weekly working hour and the termination of all educational municipal departments without compensation are also part of the plan.

This attitude is that radical, that Mrs. Minister feels at a loss. After a first verbal exchange Mrs. Minister started with total confrontation. If Mrs. vice chancellor don’t have knowledge about that stuff, it’s her problem, Mrs. Minister blamed her angry. Mrs. Minister as first step thinks about structural adaptations like cancellation of the rule, every not hold lesson has to be repeated later. And that’s it. Other opportunities Mrs. Minister can not imagine.

The escalating confrontation between the two “iron ladies” makes visible a lot about the actual climate within the coalition. Mrs. vice chancellor proceeded in clarifying with the contra, that she is responsible for civil servants, and nobody else. Independently of an agreement, that the ministry is responsible for saving proposals.

Meanwhile the head of the unionists already thinks to know the winner of the game. Though otherwise often in troubles with his Mrs. Minister, in this case they demonstrate a common understanding. The chancellor will support his Mrs. Minister, otherwise the coalition would crash, he mentioned. Ideas of four Billion savings are pipe dreams, nothing else!

Unionists plan to execute a poster action with the title: “Head of Figure”. Posters addressed to teachers and pupils with the statement - education must not be a game of chance - shall be displayed.

And finally they didn’t forget to say, that supported by 2.1 million parents, even coming out on strike is thinkable. Holidays may last longer this year…

This was the reproduction of an article published in the magazine Nyus 26/2000, page 24 and 25. The reproduction is a bit streamlined but not meaning manipulating. It shall mainly show, that journalists have a lot of fun to escalate rather not dramatic situations (for circulation) and by doing so to really manipulate people. The article in the other columne

for civil servants in a higher context, she also tried to think about possible models for savings (unclear competence models are part of the actual system).

Her proposed model would contribute savings of four Billions of Shillings. The model in detail:

Today the calculation base for over hours is the basic salary plus bonus. In future the basic salary without bonus should be taken.

Today one over hour has a value of 7,5% of the monthly income, in future it should be reduced to the former value of 6,34%

One weekly hour, which teachers today use for preparation and other supplement works should be used for active teaching without salary upgrade.

Additionally, the status of the educational municipal departments should be analyzed with the goal to shift responsibilities from these departments to the schools, following the direct autonomy model.

Why no internal coordination between Mrs. vice chancellor and Mrs. Minister happened nobody knows today. Also it seem that this is a first case, that partners did not agree before. In any way Mrs. Minister and all unionists were totally speechless about such ideas. In some magazines already open war and dispute was proclaimed…

Meanwhile Mrs. Minister’s reaction did not make visible any real will for creativity. Her reaction with no additional comment: savings above one Billion are not thinkable. And that’s it. The Billion should be reached, by finishing the total replacement of cancelled lessons. It’s of interest, that Mrs. Minister treated that as a structural step. In an interview, Mrs. Minister blamed Mrs. vice chancellor that she has not enough background knowledge. And because matters are very complicated there is need for long lasting familiarizing…

On the other hand Mrs. vice chancellor was surprised that proposals focussing on facts to bring movement to the situation seemed to be understood as reproach. The later emotional chain reaction proved that.

In reality the absolute value of the educational budget would be of interest. In companies, restructuring programs may bring savings of 5 20% or more but concurrently improvement of quality and productivity! For sure that’s only possible if one wants to do it. By chance new models will not arise.

The unionists close to the ÖVP party tend to start a poster activity emphasizing the motto: “Head or Number education must not be a game of chance” and they obviously demonstrate against quality loss. Surprisingly it is the proposal of the also ÖVP Mrs. Minister, which foresees shortenings of performance when finishing the total replacement of cancelled lessons…

The model of Mrs. vice chancellor contains no performance reduction towards the pupils but only a small impact to the working hours. The salary only would be slightly reduced only if over hours exist.

The Mrs. Minister’s image didn’t look really good, considering all these facts. Also of interest, what the chancellor now will do. Unionists think, that he always will be on the side of his Mrs. Minister, otherwise the coalition would crash…

In total, the discussion once more shows, that there are neither comprehensive solution concepts nor the will to work out some. A dominating fact is the strong competence of civil servants organizations not to move only one millimeter, independently of changed conditions. Unionists already speak about coming out on striking…

Poor tax paying Austrians…

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