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This is a preview page. All photographs of this gallery I took in 2001 close to the station of Breitenstein by chance. They deal with some points refurbishment activities. For geographical orientation click on the area map left!

Concerning Semmering line is also available: gallery part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.
For reconstruction and maintenance works with rail systems, today special construction trains are in use. Such trains contain all systems and gadgets in order to execute all foreseen construction activities fast, secure and in an

automated style. In best case the old tracks vanish into the front side and the totally new line appears behind the construction train. The Austrian company Plasser & Theurer is some leading edge company world-wide, producing such rail system construction units. The following photographs partly show such units too.
The symbol photograph above shows some old rail piece - rusty and run-down - as they are often seen when rail tracks are out of order for a period of time or even finally ...
2143 in Eichberg

The diesel loco 2143.038 is waiting at the Eichberg station for some overtaking. The coupled wagon was used at the reconstruction area close to Breitenstein (10/2001).

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RRX Breitenstein   The entrance points at the west end of Breitenstein are matter of refurbishment. Mainly affected is track No. 3 where slower trains may be passed. The 2143 loco has the track construction train on her hook. The points are located a bit more uphill (10/2001).  
consrtuction set   Here is the construction set. The class 1042 at the left is rolling at the end of a downhill passing freight train. The wagon visible in the middle is the final car of the mentioned construction train which is leaving the set. At the right visible is the way of track No. 3 but already with missing rails (10/2001). (up)  
special gadgets   A few more meters uphill. A crane approached using the former construction train track. The crane lifts a track part as a whole from the bed. The excavator in the foreground attends with the scoop. It is equipped for using rail tracks (10/2001).  
special crane   The crane has completely lifted the track part and now carries it to some location for dismantling at the Breitenstein station area. Performing this style the complete old stuff will be removed. Later the new points unit will be carried here as a whole for mounting. At photo time it was nearly complete mounted and ready for installation (10/2001).  
shunting drive   The crane vehicle on the way to the east end points of Breitenstein. There it will take track No. 3 for final disposal of the track part for dismantling (10/2001). (up)  
reconstruction train  with 2143.05 diesel loco   The track construction train fulfilled all obligations for the day. The set master talks with the train dispatching in order to agree a fitting drive downhill. The equipment will be necessary again, when the new points and tracks are going to be installed (10/2001).  
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