Bike marathon
Giro across 3 countries

Some say, sports is the modern form of battle fighting. Independently where the roots are from, sports contributes sufficiently to a fine balanced wellness constitution.

Cardio training provides stability and human out of limit attributes disappear step by step.

Though all that is proven, the real attraction of sports comes with the satisfaction if new personal goals get reality.

But keep attention, no exaggerations due to mislead ambitions! Suffering on overloads is not the goal.

Bike marathon activity gets more and more popular in Europe. Even ebepe did some. After some period of scheduled training most of people are able to participate.

Climbing up the Stilfser Joch always remains a challenge. About 2000 m of elevation have to be “taken" (left).

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leading work uphill ...
Bike marathons have distances between about 100 and 250 km. Up to 4000 vertical meters, need to be overcome. The lead position needs a lot of energy ...
thanks god the lead changes every
few minutes. Every uphill has an end, and then the downhill is pure pleasure :-)) ...

rainy weather downhill ...
As cycling is an outdoor sport, specific weather protection is required. Downhill speed climbs up to 70 kmh
(45 mph) or even more

sweat driving activity ... Glockner
This image is from the Euregio Marathon in Austria, which also crosses German territory (Rossfeldstrasse). Climbing up the Grossglockner is always a new challenge. Here between Hochtor and Fuscher Toerl.

Glockner south ramp Glockner and rain
Climbing the Glockner south ramp up to about 2500 m top elevation at shiny conditions (left). But also rain, fog or even snow may dominate the conditions (right). At temperatures near 0°C fingers freeze unbelievable during downhill sections without good gloves.

final meters home again
And finally coming home again, a good feeling after successful competition. In my class I'm on tour up to 8 hours.

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